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My daily commute lasts about 1 hour and I quickly tend to grow tired of listening to the radio. So I listen to podcasts. Lots of them. I listen to every show at 1.5x speedup, which did take a while to get up to, but has become second nature now. In fact, if I listen to a podcast at a normal speed, it just sounds plain weird now.

I’ve gotten into many conversations about which podcasts I listen to, so from now on, I’ll just point people to this article (yeah, just like you).

Note: The star (*) next to the podcast indicates I never miss a show. If I see it pop into my podcatcher (which is Instacast these days) I will most likely stop and listen to it immediately.


I try to keep up with the ever changing world of tech and have found that podcasts are a nice way of doing just that.


You might say that a lot of the technical podcasts do deal with startup life, but there is only one true entreperneour podcast on my list.


To get away from the creepy crawlies, erm tech news overload, I splice in a few non-technical/science podcasts.


I’m a huge NBA junkie. And I have to get my weekly fix of NBA news and rumours. Call it my guilty pleasure.

Slovenian podcasts

Good to keep an eye on what the locals are up to.