Essential PHP Security

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We’ve all written unsecure code. Then tried to circumvent our weak security measures. It made us better programmers, and made us sleep better knowing our applications were safe. But there is just so far your imagination can go, while thinking up ways to get inside your perfectly secure system.

8 chapters. 30 exploits. Impossibly small

Essential PHP Security by Chris Shiflett brings you those ideas in a book that looks rather, well small. We’ve all gotten used to those big, heavy, shelf bending computer books, but this one has just 124 pages. Allow me to get a bit poetic: Don’t judge the book by its covers, or rather by the number of pages. This book is the essential reading for all PHP developers, professional and hobbyist alike. It is one of those books that will not get outdated and will be referenced on a daily basis.


I really enjoyed reading this book. It made me realize that some of my approaches were a bit misslead, but mostly solidified my way of coding. And that is really what I was looking to get out of this book.